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Experience the extreme beauty
of the Norwegian underwater world

One Ocean Dive Resort is located in southern Norway, know as Sørlandet. The archipelago right outside the dive center is the ideal place for divers who values beautiful nature dives, underwater fishing and the possibility for some wreck diving.

From the center you also have access to many dives from land, with magnificent walls and drop-offs, in addition to many other exciting dives where you really kan experience the beautiful Norwegian underwater world.

Sørlandet, with it´s long coast and distinctive archipelagos, offer varied alternatives for divers on holiday. Diving has evolved to a year-round activity and in Norway, beginners and experienced divers alike kan enjoy a plethora of diving. From beautiful nature dives to exciting wreck dives, in warm or cold water, from land or from a boat!

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The amazing beauty of Sørlandet

Experience the Norwegian underwater world