“Have you ever wondered what makes you hooked on diving? For us it is the peacefulness, the nature and the adventure underneath the surface.
Peacefulness: How much better can it get when diving a rebreather. No more noises from a million bubbles searching their way to the waterline. The benefit of extended dive time and – to top it off – always best mix in the loop!”

“It is simply reliable, practically indestructible. No fiddling and tinkering at the dive site, just “plug and dive”. The JJ offers you all the operation modes that you need for safe rebreather diving.
“Just give it a try and we bet you will be addicted to the JJ-CCR as well.”


In cooperation with the  JJ-CCR Instructors  Rene Petterson (TDI) and  Marcus Runeson  (IANTD),
One Ocean organize Rebreather courses .

Becoming a rebreather diver can be a exciting experience. Becoming a JJ-CCR is a magical experience.
Exploring the underwater world with the 4×4 of rebreathers is going to create lifelong memories and lasting friendships with the people you meet along your way.

To enter a JJ-CCR rebreather course you will need to be a certified Nitrox diver and hold a diving certification for at least 30meters. More is always good here, and you will be recommended to be proficient in swimming techniques such as frog kicks, modified frog kicks, back kicks and modified flutter kicks before entering the course. These recommendations exist not to complicate your experience but to enrich it and let you focus on the rebreather fully.
Depending on your experience and background as a diver there are two ways to do your first rebreather course on the JJ-CCR. If you are a recreational diver, the best way to get started is through the 30m air diluent no deco level, also know as level 1. Here you will learn rebreather basics, a bit of history of rebreathers to fully understand why your unit is made the way it is, procedures for safely diving a rebreather and lots of other exciting stuff. All theory can be done via an eLearning platform that makes learning about rebreather diving super flexible. An added advantage of the eLearning system is that you can optimize the time spent with your instructor, focusing mainly on what you found difficult or needed further explanations for.
In the practical session you will learn to strip, rebuild, service and prepare your rebreather with the factory checklist. Being able to understand how to service your unit will give you valuable insight in the practical function of your rebreather.
During the dives you will first learn the basic skills just as you did when learning open circuit. As you master the basics you move on to more complex and emergency handling skills. During a course you will spend eight hours or more in the water with your instructor and during this time practise all the important skills which will make you a safe and prudent rebreather diver.
For experienced divers who also are technical divers, there exist an option for the Level 1 course where you can get certified to a maximum depth of 45m using trimix diluent with up to 35% helium and planning limited decompression dives based on the gas carried. 

 TDI JJ-CCR air-dil dive Max 30m No Deco  

 4 – 5 days
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 TDI Helitrox CCR Max 45m limited decompression 

5-6 days
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CCR Level 1 ( IANTD)

Whether your diving goal is to swim among fish and corals in tropical water or to explore waterlogged caves or exciting shipwrecks in local waters, is a rebreather the best and funniest tool to take your diving to a new level.

18 years old, non-smoker, normal health.
Nitrox certification and at least an introductory course in technical diving, f.eks GUE Fundamentals, Swedtech TDBS, Into to Cave or equivalent. The requirements can also be met by a combination course together with CCR level 1 – contact us for more information.

Course content:
At least 20 hours of theory, held over weekends or nights, where necessary diving and rebreather knowledge are taught. This includes topics such as physics, physiology and psychology, dive planning and problem management. The theory is also included in the practical parts to increase the knowledge between the dives.

The course also consists of approximately 8 dives, with a total of about 10 hours of diving. This covers all the basic skills for safe diving with a rebreather, for example bailout exercises and problem solving, such as manual control, semi-closed application and sensor validation. In addition to this there are practise scenarios, like handling an unconscious diver. The course finishes with a theoretical test.

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The price includes the theory manual, certification costs, chalk and gas. In addition, there are potential travel costs, accommodation and diving additional diving for student and instructor. It´s possible to rent a rebreather for the duration of the course.

CCR Level 2 (IANTD)

When you´re ready to take the next step – deeper, longer and more advanced. Technical diving on a closed-circuit, trimix diving and decompression to a depth of up to 60 meters.


The course starts with about 20 hours of specialisation in rebreather theory, where the subjects such as physiology and psychology are handled. In addition certain parts of the theory from level 1 is repeated. A large focus is placed om team-diving, dive planning and the use of helium as a breathing gas.

The course contains at least 10 hours of diving, where you repeat and improve the skills from Level 1 and learn management of multiple bottles. Other than this the focus is on team-diving, strategies and problem solving to continue breathing on the circuit or going back to breathing on the circuit and finishing the dive in a safe way. The course finishes with a theoretical test.

The maximal depth during the course is 60 meters and diving with up to two stages. The dives during the course will be about 2 hours long.

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The price includes the theory manual and certification costs. In addition, there are potential travel costs, accommodation and diving additional diving for student and instructor. The student pays for their own chalk and gas and must have their own rebreather.

CCR Level 3 (IANTD)

The ultimate challenge for you that has ambitions about conducting advanced diving and fully exploit the possibilities. The course takes you to a depth of 100 meters and provides you with everything you need to do this in a safe way.

20 years old, non-smoker, completely healthy.
CCR Level 2, with at least 50 hours on the rebreather that is used during the course. There are high skill and experience requirements. You are already an experienced and independent CCR diver that is mentally stable and have good training in stage and stress management and diving in demanding enviroments.

The course starts with about 20 hours of theory with specialisation and lectures about physiological and psychological aspects connected to extreme diving, specialisation in decompression theory, advanced dive planning and problem management in demanding conditions.

The course handles stress management and problem solving under water, as well as stage management of three or more stages with trimix diving to a depth of 100 meters. Team-diving and advanced techniques, including problem solving, as an individual and as a team. The course finishes with a theoretical test.

Maximal depth during the course is 100 meters and uses at least three bailout bottles. The dives will usually last longer then 2 hours. A pee valve or an alternate solution is strongly recommended.
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The price includes the theory manual and certification costs. In addition, there are potential travel costs, accommodation and diving additional diving for student and instructor. The student pays for their own chalk and gas and must have their own rebreather.

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