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The archipelago outside Søgne has been a challenge for seafarers at all times with its countless islands, islets, reefs and sheaves. There are many traps for ships seeking shelter from storms or enemies, and the area is known for its many wrecks. We know where many wrecks are – but there are still many that are not found. Maybe we get a dive on something completely new?

Join One Ocean on wreck searching .Here you will learn to search for wrecks with a site scanner and get a basic introduction to search technology, how to interpret sonar images and what to do when you dive in at an unknown site.

Thursday: Arrival Date. If you come early you can dive on the house reef.

Friday: 2 dives. Learn how to scan an area of interest, determine the position, identify a wreck and dive on it. The second dive we do on a well-known wreck, depending on the weather. Between the dives, we serve homemade Italian mozzarella, by the local cheese factory, with garlic bread.

Saturday: 2 dives. We look for wrecks and dive when we find something that looks interesting. Dive number two we do on a well-known wreck (weather-dependent). Between the dives, lunch is served with pasta or fish, coffee and tea. When we return to the center, a barbecue is included in the price!

Sunday: Departure Day.