Tom B

GPS position: N 58 04 432, E 008 03 489
1 gelbe Boje
Typ: Wrack
Schwierigkeitsgrad: Erfahrene Taucher
Strömung: nein
Tiefe: 15 bis 24 m (in 3 Teile zerbrochen)
Nicht empfohlen bei Winden über 8m/s von S, SW, SO zu tauchen!

The motorvessel Tom B went down near Oksø outside Kristiansand city on the 22nd of August 1958 after she had driven straight into a cliffwall near Oksø under harsh weather. The crew was after the accident rescued and nobody got injured. The wreck of Tom B has been teared much down in the years after the accident and today the wreck lies in three pieces on twenty meters depht on the east side of Oksø.