“A great part of my life spent around the underwater world, learning, teaching, experiencing life beneath the sea, most of all ….loving it!”


2023.     Accelerated Decompression  Instructor  PSS
2023.     Decompression Techniques Instructor  PSS
2022.     DPV  Diving Instructor  PSS
2021.     Gas Blender Instructor PSS
2021.     JJ-CCR Course  90 meters.  Level III JART
2020      JJ-CCR Course 60 meters   Level II JART
2019      JJ-CCR Course 40 meters    Level I JART
2019      JJ-CCR Course 30 meters    IANTD
2017      Instructor Trainer PSS
2017      Wreck Diving Instructor  PSS
2017      Search and Salvage Instructor PSS
2017      Night Diving Instructor  PSS
2017      Equipment Specialist Instructor  PSS
2017      Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor PSS
2017      Dry Suit Instructor PSS
2017      Nitrox Diving Instructor PSS
2017      Boat Diving Instructor PSS
2017      Drift Diving Instructor PSS
2017      U/W Photography Instructor
2017      Underwater Videographer Instructor PSS
2017      Emergency Instructor  PSS
2017      IT staff instructor PSS
2016      Scuba instructor PSS
2015      Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor  PADI
2015      Digital Underwater Photography Instructor PADI
2005      Trimix Gas Blender IANTD
2001      AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Sp Instructor PADI
2000      Multilevel Diver Instructor PADI
2000      Drift Instructor PADI
2000      Boat Instructor PADI
1998      Enriched Air Instructor PADI
1998      Dry Suit Instructor PADI
1997      IDC Staff Instructor PADI
1996      Underwater Photographer Instructor PADI
1996      Medic First Aid Instructor  PADI
1995      Underwater Naturalist Instructor PADI
1994      Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor PADI
1992      Master Scuba Diver Trainer  PADI
1990      Divecon instructor SSI
1988      Deep Instructor PADI
1988      Equipment Specialist Instructor PADI
1988      Night Diver Instructor PADI
1988      Search & Recovery Instructor  PAD
1988      Wreck Instructor PADI
1987      Project Aware Instructor PADI
1986      Open Water Scuba Instructor   PADI


Dive Instructor – Dive manager – Owner

Italia -Maldive -Australia
Terrata Dive Center_ Portisco Dive Center
Veligandu Resort-Ari Beach Resort -Liveabord  –
H2O Dive Center Hamilthon Island

1989- 2000
kenya -Pemba-Zanzibar
One Earth  -The Zanzibar Dive Center  One Ocean

1999 – til now
Prodykk Norge -Prodykk Søgne_
One Ocean Dive Resort
OneOcean Maldives

High school – Music Conservatorio